Sandy Dandy is a novel indoor sand playground for children 6 months to 14 years old. It is conceived based on:

Benefits of Sandplay. Children have always been intrigued by sand. Digging, sifting, pouring, building and exploring how it moves encourage them to stretch their imagination and creativity. Sandplay is full of learning and sensory exploration, promotes physical developments, social skills, improves cognitive development, and develops motor skills.

Bringing Outdoors Indoor. Being outside and active is wonderful for kids because exploring nature is calming, relaxing and recharging time for them. Unfortuantely, Singapore’s humid weather, overscheduled kids, and anxious parents kept children away to play outdoors. Hence, we cannot think of what is the next best thing than bringing sand indoor?

Safe Range. Our layout design allows your kiddo to engage in independent play, while parents can sit back, read, check your email/work, drink a cuppa, yet be able to observe what your little one is exploring.

Passive Toys. Open-ended toys encourage exploration and engagement, and too many options of such toys result children to lost attention and creativity. For these reasons, most of our toys are passive types and limited in choices because we do not want the children to be overwhelmed / over-stimulated. Less is more because we learnt that children can entertain themselves with whatever materials are available to them. We also break away from mass media to provide a place of fun and imagination for children to engage in self-directed play, builds social and emotional health, confidence, creativity, self-discipline and problem solving skills.

Coupled with a cosy café that comes with free wifi, parents can chill or gather with friends, yet have sight of their children playing anywhere in Sandy Dandy. Sandy Dandy is currently the only indoor playground to offer sand-ful and exclusivity for awesome birthday celebration.



Our Premises

No scorching sun. No pesky insects. But all the fun of outdoor sandplay! From digging, pouring to building imaginative worlds, Sandy Dandy is the one indoor sand playground. There is so much your kiddos can explore, build and learn in our indoor playground. Birthdays are Big Fun at Sandy Dandy.

Our Menu


Our House Rules:

  1. No footwear, including socks is allowed in Sandy Dandy premise. All footwear must be removed and placed in the shoe cupboard.

  2. All children must be subjected to temperature check at the entrance. The child will be denied entry if he/she is running a fever.

  3. Everyone (adults and children) must have their hands and feet sanitized before they enter Sandy Dandy premise. This includes re-entry and returning from the restroom.

  4. At registration, a guest/charge card will be issued in exchange for a photo ID. The photo ID will be returned at payment. An admin fee of $53.50 will be imposed on damaged or lost guest/charge card.

  5. No entry into the sandplay for those with band-aids, plasters, or have open wounds.

  6. Children must be supervised by an adult or caregiver (at least 18 years old) at all times.

  7. We provide sandplay toys. Hence, outside and personal toys are unnecessary. Sandy Dandy will not be responsible for damage and/or lost toys that do not belong to Sandy Dandy.

  8. Do not bring the toys from the toddler play area into the sandplay area, and vice versa.

  9. No throwing of sand and toys. Do not bring sand out of the sandplay area.

  10. No running and jumping at the steps and door area.

  11. Sandy Dandy reserves the right to charge for any damages and losses caused to Sandy Dandy’s properties through willful behavior.

  12. Only plain water is allowed in the sandplay area and baby food in the café. All outside drinks and food are not permitted in Sandy Dandy premise.

  13. Guests are responsible for their own valuables. Sandy Dandy will not be accountable for any loss, damaged or stolen item.

  14. Children must wear diaper if they are not toilet trained. Should the child soiled (includes vomit, threw liquid stuffs etc) the sand and/or overall, the cost for cleaning and sand replacement are as follow:

    * The average depth of the sand in the sandpit is 15cm. This is the minimum amount of sand required to change an affected area of sand. However, if the solied is spread over a distance/area, Sandy Dandy will assess the size of the affected area and calculate the costs accordingly.
    # GST will be applied.

  15. Sandy Dandy reserves the right to ask you to leave without refund if you display unruly/disrespectful behaviour, use abusive language, and/or violate the house rules.

  16. Sandy Dandy reserves the right to use images/videos captured onsite in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive, for professional and marketing purpose.